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The policy of the WAWM RCS Department is to refund registration fees only under the following circumstances. 1. A refund request form must be completed. 2. 2 business days or more prior to the start of a class/program, a full refund will be given minus 20% service fee for a refund check & 10% service fee for refund via credit card. 3. To avoid a service fee, class/program fee can be credited to your account for future use. 4. Less than 2 business days prior to the start of a class/program, but prior to the start of second half, 50% refund will be given for credit or refund. 5. After the first half of class has passed, no refunds will be given. 6. A full refund will be given when the Recreation Department cancels a class. 7. Separate refund policies apply for Adult Sport, Trips, Non-School Day Camps & Action. Please call 604-4900 for further information.

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